Transfer FAQs

Online Form FAQs

Why can’t I log in?

You may already have an account if you completed Returning Student Registration online last spring. If you’re not sure or you forgot your password, enter an email address and click “Forgot Password” to see if your email address is on file.

Note: This login is different from the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Does this form work for all types of transfers?

This online form replaces both in-district transfers and the School Choice Transfer form for families requesting to attend a CK School from another district. Families living in another district must also complete the Washington State Choice Transfer Request.

What is the difference between “Enrolled” and “Applying" siblings? Do I have to enter the same kids twice?

Yes, you should enter siblings in both sections (unless you have kindergartners or graduating seniors).

In order to give priority to students with siblings at the same school, we need to know how many students you have currently enrolled in the district AND which of those students you need to enroll next year.

Why won’t the dropdown menu load the school I’m looking for?

Sometimes our “smart” form isn’t very smart. Try selecting the student’s grade level in a previous question again, and the correct schools should reload in the schools dropdown.

Why can’t I click the “Submit” button?

You are missing required information. Scroll through the application and keep an eye out for red “required” warnings. Click “Edit” to complete missing information.

Make sure you save and Sign Out after you submit a form.

How do I save and update later?

Click the circle with your initials in the upper right corner and select, “Save & Sign Out” 

I submitted my form but I need to make a change.

Contact Richard Glynn at 360-662-1638 to make a change to your form.

Transfer Process FAQs

Who gets priority?

Priority will be granted in the following order: (1) continuing current CKSD students; (2) new CKSD students; (3) continuing students from other school districts; (4) new students from other school districts.

Can my kids attend the same school as each other?

We do our best to keep siblings at the same school by grouping their transfer applications.

When will I get my decision?

If you apply by March 1, you can expect a decision around April 5-16.

If you apply by April 16, you can expect a decision around May 10-21.

After April 16, we will review and release decisions on a case-by-case basis.

How do you figure out how many seats are available at a school?

Enrollment projections for the next school year are given to our Human Resources office so they can identify potential staffing needs. Then, a staffing plan determined to optimize class and grade level sizes within building occupancy limits.

Can I just fill out a paper form?

The online form ensures your information is entered accurately and in a timely manner, and will make the online registration process much faster!

If you have trouble accessing or completing the online form, call us at 360-662-1638.