Jump Start K

kindergarten studentsJump Start K is a FREE, 20-week program for kids who will start kindergarten in 2022. It helps students gain the skills and confidence they need to be ready for success in school. 

Qualifying students attend school full time from winter to spring. They ride the big bus, play at recess, eat lunch in the cafeteria, and participate in PE, music and library. Students play and learn skills, just as they will when they start school. And with an early start, they get familiar with the school routines and rules that can sometimes be stumbling blocks for early learners.  

Do We Qualify?

Eligible families:

  • Do not qualify for a state or federal programs (such as HeadStart)
  • Have a child who will be 5 by Aug. 31, 2022
  • Have a child with an academic or social need (we will screen students for eligibility)


To apply for the program that starts in early 2022, please complete the form below:

Students are accepted based on academic and social need.

Questions? Contact Lara Richardson at LaraR@ckschools.org or Jill Carlson at JillC@ckschools.org.