Bus Safety and Rules

You and your children should memorize:

  • Your bus route number
  • Your bus stop location
  • Your regular pickup and dropoff times

You will need these in case of an emergency. You can look them up in our online route finder.

Pickup and Drop-off

Students should arrive at bus stops five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. While waiting for the bus, students should stand 6–10 feet from the road. If they need to cross the street before boarding, they should:

  • Wait a safe distance from the road
  • Wait until the bus stop sign is completely out
  • Look and listen to make sure all vehicles in each direction have stopped
  • Cross in front of the bus

Talk to your child about the safest way to get to and from the bus stop.

We assign students one bus stop. Bus drivers cannot change or add stops. Students need written permission to get off at a bus stop other than their assigned location.

Safe and Respectful Riders

Students should be safe and respectful while riding a bus. Students should:

  • Listen to their drivers and obey requests the first time drivers make them
  • Remain seated
  • Respect other’s and their property
  • Keep their hands to themselves
  • Keep noise level down

We will notify you if your child acts inappropriately. If warranted, we will call your home and mail a written notice. Please review and discuss bus rules and responsibilities with your child. 

Unsafe and disrespectful behavior may result in a bus support request for the student. The more often it happens or the more serious it is, the more serious the consequences. Students may be temporarily suspended from riding the bus. Assaulting a bus driver could result in an indefinite suspension and possible criminal charges.

For more information about discipline procedures, please ask your school or the transportation office.

What’s Not Allowed on a Bus

To keep students safe and to follow state law, the following items are not allowed on a school bus:

  • Oversized objects, such as sports equipment and large instruments thatcannot fit safely on a student’s lap or between their legs in a seat. Students must also be able to board the bus without harming themselves, others or damaging the bus. State law also requires that the object must sit lower than the window ledge, which is about 29 inches high on our buses.
  • Glass objects, such as bottles or jars
  • Open containers of food and drink or gum
  • Inflated balloons
  • Live animals (except authorized service animals)
  • Weapons, including real or toy guns, knives, razor blades, etc.
  • Skateboards unless secured in or on a backpack
  • Any item that we can’t transport easily or that creates a safety concern

Please arrange for alternative transportation if any of the above need to go to or from school.