Student sitting at a desk.

We put students first by providing access to high quality curriculum, teaching, and support. Our instructional efforts are informed by performance indicators that help us advance students' academic growth. Every student has the potential to achieve academic success.

Elementary School: Grades K-5

Our 12 elementary schools will help your child build a strong foundation for learning. We value the well-being, integrity and character development of each student.

We encourage our teachers and schools to keep you informed. Parents are our partners. You help to keep your child learning even after classes are over.

Middle School: Grades 6-8

We understand that the move out of elementary school is a critical time in every child’s education. Middle school means new challenges and responsibilities. Students have to learn new study skills and navigate more classrooms. How they behave in class and with their peers also changes.

Because of that, our middle school model focuses on supporting transitions while challenging students.

High School: Grades 9-12

We work to prepare all students to be college and career ready. We provide pathways that awaken students' interests and empower them to be contributing members of the community and equipped for the future.