Highly Capable Services and Programs

We offer highly capable services for students who demonstrate both aptitude and achievement in verbal (Language and Literacy) and/or quantitative (Math) skill areas.

Depending upon the area of strength and the level of service needed, a child may receive services in their general education classroom or a child may receive services in a self-contained program. 

General Education Programs

Highly capable mentors support teachers in general education classrooms in all of our schools.

  • In elementary schools, the mentor and teacher work together to provide services that may include:
    • Cluster grouping
    • Curriculum compacting
    • Differentiated assignments
    • Enrichment clusters
    • Special projects
    • Subject acceleration

Students who are identified as highly capable in the quantitative area are typically accelerated one to two grade-levels in math.

In high school, students are encouraged to take challenging courses that address their strength(s).  Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and College in the High School courses are open to all students.

Self-Contained Programs

Some students have significantly different learning needs - more rigorous academics and very specific affective needs.  Our Venture Programs serve these students.

Elementary Venture — Grades 2-5

  • Two locations: Emerald Heights Elementary and Cottonwood Elementary
  • Identified students from across the district are transported to one of the two sites based on the location of their home school
  • Each school has a class with grades 2 & 3 in one class and grades 4 & 5 in another
  • Students progress into the MS Venture program without further testing.

Middle School Venture — Grades 6-8

  • Students attend their home middle school where they participate in a rigorous integrated program for language arts, social studies and science within the regular school day.
  • Students attend three periods of Venture classes and three periods of other middle school classes (e.g. PE, Band, Math).
  • Both CKMS and KSS have one 6th grade class and two classes where 7th and 8th grade students are combined.  FMS and RMS have individual grade-level classes (6, 7, 8).