Google Classroom

Google Classroom iconGoogle Classroom is a web-based program that helps teachers organize class content and connect with students. Teachers can post announcements and assignments, collect work and track student progress.

Student Access

To access Google Classroom from home, you can either use your district-issued Chromebook or any computer.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Visit Students must log in to Google using the CKSD google account and password they received at school. 

Step 3: Visit your class using the icons available. If it's your first time joining a class, you'll need to ask your teacher for the classroom code. 

Family Access

The best way to see what your child is doing in their Google Classrooms is to see it with them! Suggest that your child give you a tour of their Google classes and tell you abut upcoming assignments and more. 

When you can't be together, you can peek in on your child's work. Ask your child's teacher to invite you to his or her Google Classroom. Once you're connected, you can also get daily or weekly summaries of your child's progress.