Mission, Vision, Values
A kindergarten teacher raises her hand as she leads a line of students

Our vision sets the course for our district. Having a unified direction will help us turn our vision into reality. 

Our Vision

A vibrant and inclusive learning community where all students find their passion and achieve their dreams.

Our Mission

Provide a high-quality Pre-K through 12th grade education to ensure all students graduate college and career ready.

Our Core Values

Keeping our core values at the forefront helps us focus our priorities.

Students First

Student with bookWe put students first by asking, “What’s best for students?” before we make decisions. The answers help us set priorities and allocate resources. This is our guiding value, and you’ll see it reflected in all we do, including our other core values. When we put students first, everything else follows.

Safety & Well Being

A plant symbolizing wellnessWe put students first by establishing safe, supportive, and welcoming schools. Nothing is more important than keeping our schools safe and secure. We work to create positive learning environments.

Positive & Respectful Relationships

hands holdingWe put students first by prioritizing healthy and strong relationships. We strive to build hope in our students and to know each one by name, strength, and need.

Equitable & Inclusive Practices

equity symbolWe put students first by ensuring that all students have the chance to succeed. Our students are unique, and they have different needs. Our focus is on providing opportunities regardless of background, identity, or family income.

Academic Success for All

graduation capWe put students first by providing access to high quality curriculum, teaching, and support. Our instructional efforts are informed by performance indicators that help us advance students’ academic growth. Every student has the potential to achieve academic success.

★ Find your passion. Achieve your dreams.