Google Suite for Education

Icons for Google appsIn the Google Suite for Education (G Suite) environment, students can work independently or multiple students can make changes to a single document, slideshow or other project at the same time.

Because they can collaborate in real time, teachers are able to support students on their work through every step of the learning process. One major benefit of using G Suite is that all students' work is done "in the cloud." Students can access their work from any device that's connected to the internet, whether it's a Chromebook in the classroom, a desktop computer at home, or even a smartphone!

Using their G Suite for Education accounts, students may access and use applications offered by Google. The main G Suite applications we use are: 

  • Classroom (connect with teachers, manages digital classroom materials)
  • Gmail (to communicate with teachers and classmates)
  • Calendar (to stay organized)
  • Drive (file storage)
  • Docs (create or collaborate on documents)
  • Forms (quizzes and feedback)
  • Keep (store notes and links)
  • Sheets (spreadsheets)
  • Sites (build websites)
  • Slides (presentations)