Early Kindergarten Entry

COVID-19 UPDATE (August 11, 2020): Central Kitsap School District will not be offering Early Entrance to Kindergarten testing this fall. Our student and staff safety is our top priority during this time. We thank you for your patience and flexibility with our difficult decision.

About Early Entrance

A child must turn five years old by August 31 to register for kindergarten. If your child turns five between September 1 and November 30 and you live within Central Kitsap School District's boundaries, you can apply for early entrance and pay for testing. Younger children are not eligible. Tests may cost up to $325.

We will assess many of your child’s skills. An academic skill, such as counting or reciting ABCs, is only part of being ready for school. We also look at social-emotional development, sight, hearing, communication and motor skills. Often we encourage you to wait until your child is older to enter kindergarten. Many children do better in elementary school when they start later.

Applying for Early Entrance

  1. Attend a required parent/guardian meeting to get an Early Entrance packet. Get an Early Entrance to Kindergarten packet by attending a parent/guardian information meeting on April 22, 2020 or June 8, 2020 from 5-6pm.  To sign up to attend a meeting, please fill out this Google form: Early Entrance Kindergarten Parent/Guardian Meeting RegistrationIf you have questions, contact Toni Cumings at tonic@ckschools.org.

  2. Fill out forms and get a reference letter. Fill out all the forms in the packet, including the parent questionnaire. Please include a letter of reference from someone who knows your child well, but is not a member of your family, such as a doctor or a preschool teacher. Ask them to tell us about your child’s motor skills, emotional and social maturity and communication skills.

  3. Turn in your forms and pay by June 15. By June 15, send in your forms and pay $200 for the first test. You can mail everything to Student Services, 1400 NE McWilliams Road, Bremerton, WA 98311. If you can’t afford the test fee, please call us about payment help at 360-662-1677.

  4. Schedule Assessments. If you bring your forms and check in person, you can schedule a Level 1 Assessment. If you mail them in, we’ll call you to make an appointment. If your child advances to Level 2 testing, we’ll call you to schedule a second appointment and to pay $125.

Level 1 Testing

You won’t be with your child during Level I and Level II tests, but please stay in the building. 

The test will take about an hour. If you have other children with you, please bring books, games or toys to keep them busy.

During the test, a school psychologist will look at:

    1. Your child’s mental abilities, such as concentration, listening, memory, persistence and problem solving
    2. Social and emotional readiness

    A school psychologist will talk with you about the test results.

    Level 2 Testing

    If your child passes Level 1 tests, we will ask you to schedule Level 2 tests and to pay $125. Level 2 tests take about an hour.

    During the test, a teacher will look at:

    • math and language skills
    • gross motor skills like running, jumping and catching
    • fine motor skills such as writing and drawing
    • your child’s ability to see the difference between similar letters and shapes
    • your child’s ability to hear the difference between similar sounds
    • how your child talks and responds to direction
    • social and emotional skills, such as attention, starting and stopping new activities and independence

    Trial Kindergarten Enrollment

    If Level 2 testing shows that your child has all the skills he or she needs, you may enroll him or her in kindergarten. We’ll then watch your child closely for 30 days. If at that time it looks like your child may not be ready, we’ll carry out another social and emotional skills test. We will ask you to meet with the teacher, principal and possibly others to talk about what we’ve seen. We’ll work together to decide if your child should stay in kindergarten. Ultimately, the principal will make a final decision.

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