Washington state requires children in schools to be immunized against serious communicable diseases. Vaccines help protect all students and adults from many life-threatening diseases.

You will need to bring proof that your child is immunized when you register for school. 


School, child care, and preschool requirements:

2022-23   English (PDF) | Español (PDF) | Tagalog (PDF)

You can learn more about what vaccines are required for schools and preschools by visiting the state Department of Health website. Information is available in several languages.


 Turn in completed forms to your school's main office.

If you need to exempt your child for medical, religious or philosophical reasons, you must fill out a Certificate of Exemption form. You will need to ask a certified health care provider to talk with you and sign the form.

For more information about the exemption law, visit

Online Immunization Records

If you participate in the state’s Child Profile Immunization Registry computer system, you can download proof of immunization. The registry helps doctors and nurses keep track of the immunizations your child receives. It helps providers to make sure kids get the right immunizations at the right times. The Washington State Department of Health administers the system.