School Board

Online Board Meetings

School board meetings are currently conducted using a webinar format; there is no in-person component. The district will continue to offer an online viewing option for the community; there will be a Zoom link for video and phone provided for each meeting.

Modifications are available for individuals with disabilities who wish to participate in school board meetings. Please contact the Superintendent's Office at 360-662-1615 to learn more.

Public Comments

Public comments will be accepted verbally in the online platform. If you would like to express your views at this meeting, please complete and submit a comment form prior to the start of the meeting Public Comment Card. The form is made active within 24 hours of a regular board meeting.



  • Only individuals who have completed the online public comment form will be called on to speak.
  • Public comments are limited to one comment per person.
  • Speakers are given three minutes to speak and will be notified when their three minutes are up. There will be no prior warning.
  • The name on the online comment form must match the login name of the Zoom attendee.
  • If you plan to attend by phone, you must list the phone number you intend to call in from on the form.

ZOOM (via video on computer or phone)

  • In order to make a comment, you will need to “raise” your hand. You can find this feature at the bottom center of the webinar screen.
  • Those who have submitted a form will individually be promoted to panelist. For those on the Zoom, a panelist box will appear on your screen saying, “The host would like to promote you to panelist…” You will need to click on the button that says, “Join as panelist...” Please be aware that this process takes several seconds once you select “Join.”
  • Unmute your audio and start your video. After you are done speaking, your role will change back to “attendee.”

CALLING IN (phone only)

  • Individuals calling in do not have the “raise” hand feature and will be identified by the telephone number listed on the form.
  • The meeting host will state your name and the speak option will be enabled for you. You will be audibly prompted to enter *6 on your phone. After you have commented, the option to speak will be disabled.

Please note that audience participation is not intended as a forum for public debate. Board members do not normally respond to comments made during a board meeting. Questions raised may be referred to the superintendent or other district staff for follow up. Please attempt to resolve any concerns by communicating directly with the staff member, principal/administrator, or superintendent prior to bringing them to the school board.


Please be aware that comment forms are considered a public record. Those comments not verbally shared at the board meeting will be provided to board members.

If you have questions about public comments, please email Kim Dean.

As a Central Kitsap voter, you elect five school board directors to:

  • Hire and evaluate superintendents
  • Set policies that set standards and a framework for governing the district
  • Reviews progress on district goals
  • Adopt a balanced budget every year
  • Approve textbooks and other instructional materials
  • Represent you and represent the district


Directors normally meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Most meetings are held at the Teaching and Learning Center, 1400 NE McWilliams Road, Bremerton. We welcome you to join us and share your comments at our regular board meetings.

Directors also hold occasional study sessions before meetings to learn about and discuss topics in depth. The board may also appoint members to committees, which meet separately.

We publish agendas within 24 hours of each meeting. You can find agendas and minutes from past meetings on our meeting agendas and minutes site.

Check our online calendar for upcoming meetings, or download our meeting schedule (pdf).

Meet the School Board

map of boundaries, link to pdf map from Kitsap County ElectionsDirectors are elected to four-year terms. They must live in the portion of Central Kitsap School District that they represent, but voters throughout the school district vote on all candidates. Download a pdf map of director boundaries from Kitsap County Auditor's office.

President: Jeanie Schulze (term ends in 2023)

Jeanie SchulzeDirector of District 4, including:

  • Clear Creek Elementary
  • Emerald Heights Elementary
  • Silver Ridge Elementary
  • Ridgetop Middle

Contact her at or at 360-908-5001


Vice President: Drayton Jackson (term ends in 2023)

Drayton Jackson

Director of District 3, including:
  • Brownsville Elementary
  • Esquire Hills Elementary
  • PineCrest Elementary

Contact him at


Legislative Representative: Denise Tracy (term ends in 2025)

Denise Tracy

Director of District 1, including:

  • Cottonwood Elementary
  • Woodlands Elementary
  • Fairview Middle
  • Olympic High

Contact her at

Member: Eric Greene (term ends in 2025)

Eric GreeneDirector of District 5, including:

  • Cougar Valley Elementary
  • Green Mountain Elementary
  • Klahowya Secondary

Contact him at, or at 360-434-0110.

Member: Rob MacDermid (term ends in 2023)

Rob MacDermid

Director of District 2, including:

  • Hawk Elementary at Jackson Park
  • Silverdale Elementary
  • Central Kitsap Middle
  • Central Kitsap High
  • Alternative Schools

Contact him at