Military Families

Welcome families of the USS Ronald Reagan!

Sailors greet students getting off the bus for Cougar Valley Elementary

Welcome to Central Kitsap, proud neighbor of Naval Base Kitsap!

Nearly half our students have family members who are in the military or who work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & IMF. We have a strong relationship with our Navy partners to offer programs and services that support students in transition and enrich our schools.

We invite you to learn more about us


Which school can my child attend?

Residents of Naval Base Kitsap Bangor can choose our district (Central Kitsap School District) or North Kitsap School District. Residents of Jackson Park may choose our district or Bremerton School District.

If you’ve chosen our district, thank you! We assign most families to the school in their neighborhood. However, you can request to transfer to another school. We grant transfers on a space-available basis. For more on these options, visit:

What documents will I need?

Check out this transfer checklist (pdf) from your School Liaison.

You’ll also find a list on our registration page. You’ll find a list of documents you’ll need to register. You can submit or update any documentation with your school when you arrive. We can request transcripts and other academic records from your child’s school.

We don’t have housing yet, can we register?

You can register if you have orders to move to the area. Many of our students’ families start in temporary housing, and we even have a bus stop near the Navy Lodge on Bangor. You will be assigned to a school near your first residence, even if it’s temporary. You can transfer to your neighborhood school once you’ve found housing that is more permanent.

How will you help my child with this transition?

Our schools staff are welcoming and used to helping students transitioning into our area. We also have counselors available at all our schools.

Our schools with the highest number of students from Naval Base Kitsap families have additional counseling services and programs thanks to our Navy partners.

Eligible students at any school can access counselors from the Military and Family Life Counseling Program (MFLC). Visit our Military Family Support page to learn more. 

What support do you offer for students with special needs?

We value the strong relationships we develop with families. We offer a  variety of programs from preschool to young adult students.

We look forward to partnering with you in the education of your child. Please call our Special Services department at 360-662-1040 if you'd like more information. 

School Liaison

School Liaison
Navy Region Northwest & Naval Base Kitsap

The NRNW School Liaison supports CK schools and families for Naval Base Kitsap. The School Liaison connects families with educational opportunities and provides information about school laws, policies and procedures. She can also help with:

  • Moving to a new school
  • Deployment support 
  • Special education service navigation
  • Military and community service information
  • Student help w/post-secondary plans

For more help, download these resources from your School Liaison:


We’d be happy to help answer any questions about our district. Call us at 360-662-1610 or email [email protected]. You can also get help from the resources below.




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