Chromebook FAQs

Do students need to bring devices to school every day?

Yes! The device will be used at school over the course of the day. It should be fully charged at home overnight and brought to school ready to use.

What if a device is not charged or loses its charge during the day?

The school library has a limited number of spare devices available to check out for the day. Each classroom has an extra charging cable if a student needs to plug in the device for a class period. Students are responsible for bringing their device to school each day fully charged.

Where will students store devices during P.E.? What about during after-school activities/events?

Devices should be kept with the student or placed in a locked locker. Students transport Chromebooks in their own bag/backpack. 

Damage or loss?

Students and families are responsible for district-owned technology that is issued to them, just as they are for other district-owned items such as textbooks, athletic equipment, or library books. 

Device Missing?

Please remind your child to report a missing device to the student’s teacher librarian (in-person or via email) as soon as it’s misplaced. We can try to help them locate it. After 24 hours, we will disable the device. 

Device Issue or Repair?

Turn in devices that need repair (with the power cord) to your school librarian. 

Computer viruses?

Since Chromebook applications run through the browser and online, there is little concern that viruses will infect the devices software or hardware.


Students can print to school printers at any time.  NOTE: We encourage staff and students to limit printing assignments as much as possible.

How are the devices identified?

District asset tags with bar codes are on each device, and each device has a serial number. Any ID stickers that are on the device when issued must stay on the device. No additional markings of any kind (stickers, engraving, permanent ink pen, tape, etc.) should be placed on the device at any time. Although the devices are issued to students, they are still district-owned property. 

Can I personalize my case?

You may add ribbons, keychains, and/or tape that helps identify your cover. Do not add anything that permanently alters your bag, such as marker, paint, sticker residue, etc. Please do not attach anything to the bag that could damage the Chromebook if pressure is applied (such as buttons or pins).