Security, Filtering & Monitoring

We filter and monitor the use of all district-owned technology and resources. Filtering and monitoring extends to the district-issued Chromebooks students take and use at home. We expect all students to support our efforts to provide a safe and legal electronic learning environment. We expect families to monitor their children's use of the internet at home so that district-owned devices, such as Chromebooks, are not used to access illegal or inappropriate websites or download material from those websites.


District equipment and resources may NOT be used for:

  • Commercial or personal gain
  • Political purposes
  • Anything illegal or indecent, such as bullying, posting inappropriate images or text, or passing along information that is harmful or inappropriate

For your safety and the safety of others:

  • Do not participate in any activity to alter, bypass or attempt to bypass CK Schools network configurations.
  • Do not install or download personal software, applications (apps) or operating systems.

Check Internet History

Devices keep a log of their Internet activity. If you think that your child has visited sites not related to school work, you can press Ctrl + H when the Chrome browser is open to see the history. If you would like this investigated further, please contact your school principal.