Support for New-to-Profession Teachers
A new teacher surrounded by her students.

Supporting new teachers is serious business! That’s why we have dedicated staff and resources to invest in the skills of  new-to-profession teachers like you at Central Kitsap Schools.

Mentor Support

You’ll have a cadre of mentors to help you meet any challenge with confidence:

At the District Level

  • District Specialist: Full-time staff member dedicated to your needs
  • District-Level Mentor: Visits your classroom monthly and meets for learning-focused conversations
  • Professional Learning Meetings: Monthly meetings (compensated) to address your needs

At the School Level

  • Building-Colleague Mentor: An in-building mentor matching your grade level curriculum or content area for team planning

Training and Resources

We provide resources and compensated learning days so that you’ll thrive in your first year of teaching.

  • New-to-Profession Orientation: Beginning teachers get three paid days in August. We’ll cover district logistics, classroom setup and evaluations.
  • Building Orientation: Four paid days to focus on in-building and curriculum matters before the school year begins.
  • Daily Support: We’ll give you a list of resources to support your needs.
  • Growth Opportunities: We offer three classroom release days for visits with an experienced guide to observe other classrooms.

Ready to join our team?