Show & Tell: A Showcase of Student Work
Show & Tell: A Showcase of Student Work
Posted on 12/01/2023
Show & Tell

Ever wonder what our students are doing in school?

In CK Schools Show & Tell, we peel back the curtain and shine a spotlight on students’ hard work. We share a new episode every other week.

Julie, Barker Creek

Last spring, Julie started knitting a sweater in her creative fiber arts class last spring at Barker Creek Community School, one of her teachers, Ms. Stark, challenged her to have it ready by school picture day next fall.

AJ, CK Middle

A CK Middle School student shows us one of recent creations from his Lego Robotics class.

KJ & Austin, Silverdale

Fifth graders KJ and Austin from Silverdale Elementary showcase their social studies project, where students made their own globe! Students studied countries across the world and designed their globe based on their research.