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Engaging Our Community
Posted on 02/11/2022

We are grateful that 2,251 people participated in our recent exchange. We asked what we could learn from the outcome of the recent levy election, and participants shared 2,931 thoughts and 106,120 ratings.

Thank you for your participation.

Initial results of this exchange clearly show us that you share a desire for more transparency about budget and levy details. We hear you.


We invite you to tune in to a school board study session at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 22. We will present information about the recent levy failure and its impacts. This will inform school board members as they consider next steps at the following day’s regular session of the board at 6 p.m.


We are reading every thought.

Your feedback on past exchanges has highlighted the need for more counselors in our schools and the importance of reopening sports. This year, every school has a counselor and we’re providing access to online mental health counseling. Our student athletes are competing again this year.

We’ll share more about what we learn from our most recent exchange and what we plan to do about it in the coming weeks. We are already planning to develop Q&A around frequently mentioned topics.

Again, thank you for your time and participation. And stay tuned.