CK High Students Help Neighbor
CK High Students Help Neighbor
Posted on 11/20/2019
students donated coins during lunches

As students entered a Leadership class at Central Kitsap High on Oct. 30, a nearby house fire was all they could talk about.

The homeowner, Dawn Ruth, had been helped out of the home by the parent of a CK High student. She was taken to the school’s counseling office while firefighters arrived.

Teacher Daniel Sullivan had a leadership lesson planned for the day. But his students had other ideas.

They wanted to help.

The students hadn’t met her, but over the next few days, they learned a little more about Mrs. Ruth, such as her work as a jewelry maker. 

“Because we’re leadership, we felt that it was our job to help her get back on her feet,” said ninth grader Lola Luna.

They called and visited local businesses and asked them to donate jewelry making supplies, food and more. And they ran a week-long coin drive before school and at lunches.

Dawn Ruth learned about the effort this week.

“It was a complete and utter surprise of the most beautiful kind,” she said. 

She and her husband Jeff have been trying to recover what they can, going through the process of insurance claims and thinking about how to rebuild their home. Although a home fire is tough, Mrs. Ruth said she’s found blessings in the help from extended by this “awesome” community.

She said it gives her faith in our youth. To the students, she wanted to say: “Thank you for caring enough about the person you don’t know to do such a kindhearted and generous thing — and getting your friends to join in.”