CK Campus Design Work Begins
Students Wield Pens for Future of CK Campus
Posted on 05/16/2016
Students Wield Pens for Future of CK Campus

Students and architects

Above: students share their ideas with architects. Below: Students brought pictures and wrote notes about what was important to them in a new school.
Student notes

Today’s students will impact the design of the future Central Kitsap campus.

Students from Central Kitsap High and Central Kitsap Middle met recently with architects. They brought pictures and weren’t afraid to put their ideas on paper.

The workshop was one of several early meetings with staff and students. 

The discussions are just the beginning of a process that will include a lot of creative thinking and robust discussions along the way. 

“In the end, our students, staff and community will have outstanding resources to use,” said Superintendent David McVicker. “It’s thanks to such generous support from our community that we can give students facilities that prepare them for the future.”

Replacing CK High and CK Middle are among projects districtwide made possible by community support of a bond this year. 

Architects are also meeting with staff groups as they develop designs for the schools. Educators from career and technical education to performing arts will share their ideas. 

Both new schools will be built in the center of the campus they already share. 

Doors are expected to open in 2019.

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