Central Kitsap Middle Replacement

Illustration of a new Central Kitsap Middle School

Aerial view of the new CK High and CK Middle school surrounded by athletic fields

Top: an illustration of what a newly built Central Kitsap Middle School could look like. Above: An aerial view of the CK High and CK Middle school campus with the middle school in the top right, behind and separate from the high school.

The bond approved on Feb. 9, 2016, will fund a replacement for Central Kitsap Middle School. The new building will be built in the center of the campus CK Middle already shares with Central Kitsap High School. The new building is expected to open in late 2019.

The new school will:

  • Provide an up‐to-date learning environment
  • Improve car entrances, walkways, parking and athletic fields

The school would share a kitchen and mechanical systems with the new high school, but would be walled off from the high school. Each school has its own commons area on a separate floor.

Why It's Needed

The original portion of Central Kitsap Middle School was built in 1959. Most major systems, from plumbing to electrical, need to be replaced. 

Building Condition
Weather conditions have worn, and in some cases cracked, the building's exterior. Major upgrades would be needed to reinforce the building in case of an earthquake. The roof leaks in several areas and window and door seals need to be replaced. Several floors, including the gym floor need to be replaced. 

Congestion is a problem at the school. During pickup and dropoff times, buses idle in the parking lot, preventing parents from parking. The new school would provide a new bus loop separate from the parking area.