Bus Driver Training, Costs and Reimbursement

We  reimburse you up to $600 for the cost of earning a commercial driver's license (CDL)! To be reimbursed, you'll need:

  • Proof of all receipts
  • To successfully complete training
  • To successfully work 500 hours 

Estimated Costs to Applicants

Complete school bus driver abstract $13
Department of Transportation physical $75 – $100
Fingerprinting $70
CDL permit $10
CDL knowledge test $10 per test
 CDL skills test $100
Fee to add CDL endorsement to license $27 – $112
New driver's license fee $45 – $54
CPR, First Aid & AED training $35

Please note, training is unpaid until you begin driving students.

Prior to First Day of Training

  • You must successfully pass a post offer pre-employment physical (POPP)
  • You must be fingerprinted
  • Pass the CDL permit process at the Department of Transportation (this includes general knowledge, passenger endorsement, air brakes (restriction removed), school bus endorsement — CDL Guide Chapters 1-6)
  • Begin studying the pre & post trip procedures

Week One Training

In-classroom training for your school bus authorization. Focus is on policy and procedures, Washington state laws and federal regulations.

Week Two Training

Commercial driver's license (CDL) pre- and post-trip practice, behind-the-wheel training and third-party testing to obtain your CDL.

Week Three Training

Upon completion of training and testing, mentoring begins. You will drive routes with a hired driver and students onboard.