Barker Creek Community School
New School Gets a Name
Posted on 12/14/2016

Central Kitsap’s newest school will be called Barker Creek Community School.

The school, which will replace alternative programs, will open next fall at a building on the corner of McWilliams and Highway 303.

The school was named with input from families, students and staff and recognizes a nearby creek. Board policy requires that new school names include a geographic name or area characteristic.

The school board adopted the name at its Dec. 14 meeting.

Naming the school is just part of the process of developing a new identity for the school. After students and staff move in next fall, they will choose school colors and other defining elements.

The school will occupy more than half the building that will bear its name. The remainder will house district teaching and learning staff and training rooms.  

Barker Creek Community School’s labs, learning studios, commons and other areas are expected to be ready for staff move-in this summer.

Students will attend the new school next fall.