Learning Models for 2020-21

model comparison chartWe are starting the school year fully remote for at least the first nine weeks. We are providing families with three options for the 2020-21 school year. Please click open the bars below for more details, visit our FAQs, or send questions related to these options to info@ckschools.org.

Download the 2020-21 Option Comparison | Spanish (pdf) | Tagalog (pdf)

Updated August 5, 2020

Remote + In Person Learning Model (Hybrid Model)

Spanish | Tagalog

Opportunity for live instruction.  Led and taught by CK teachers. Some guardian support needed.

This model will begin as fully remote for at least the first nine weeks. Upon approval to reopen schools, students would receive at least two full days of in-person, live instruction each week. (We will coordinate this reopening with state and local health officials this fall, and we will communicate that timeline with families so you have enough time to make adjustments for the next portion of the school year.)

The remote learning portion of this model is not the same one our students and families experienced this spring. Over the past two months, we’ve used feedback from students, families and staff to make significant improvements. You’ll see increased expectations for student participation, more consistency in how we provide lessons and materials, and better communication.


  • Serves students in grades PreK-12.

  • Offers all courses required by the state, some programs and elective courses, and credit recovery courses.

  • Provides an opportunity for in-person instruction as soon as safety possible; will begin as fully remote (for at least the first nine weeks).  

  • Requires regular attendance, as well as weekly student engagement and participation.

  • Offers live interaction opportunities between students and teachers, as well as recorded lessons in order to instruct specific content within classes.

  • Provides a Chromebook to every student.

  • Upon approval to reopen, schools would operate on a rotating AA/BB schedule. Students would attend in person two days each week and learn remotely three days each week. (More in-person instruction is possible based on community health conditions.)

  • Some parent/guardian support is needed for younger students on remote learning days.


  • Features a regular schedule, so families will know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

  • CKSD teachers will provide remote and in-person instruction and are responsible for all curriculum and materials.

  • Teachers will be accessible for support (to students and parents) on a consistent schedule.

  • Provides social and emotional support for students through direct contact with staff and peers.

  • Allows opportunities for students to feel more personally connected to their school and their learning community.

  • Features a consistent platform that will enable better communication to and from students and families.

  • Allows for Advanced Placement and College in the High School courses.

  • Supports special education and related services for students with disabilities. (IEP teams will continue to work with families upon return in the fall.)

  • Offers full access to all middle level and high school activities and athletics (when they become available).

Additional Details – Health & Safety

  • Allows schools to maintain six feet of social distancing whenever possible (about half of each school’s population would attend on each in-person day).

  • Requires face coverings for students and staff while on site. (Schools will provide masks to students unable to provide their own, and students will be allowed to take supervised mask breaks.)

  • Requires students and staff to receive a daily health screening upon entry.

  • In case of a school or district closure, students would temporarily return to fully remote instruction with Google Classroom. In-person instruction would resume upon clearance from health authorities.

All Online Learning Model - "CKSD Virtual Academy" (Pearson Connexus)

Spanish | Tagalog

Main features: (1) No live instruction; (2) Some CKSD teacher support (check-ins); (3) Varying levels of parent/guardian support

Schools across the nation are struggling with ways to welcome back students while keeping students and staff members safe and socially distant in, what is by nature, a highly social environment. Our all online model was developed for families who are not yet ready to have their children back in schools for in-person instruction or who prefer the flexibility provided by an all online learning model.


  • Serves students in grades K-12.

  • Fully-online learning environment through Pearson Connexus.

  • Offers all courses required by the state. You can view all course descriptions here: https://sites.google.com/ckschools.org/ckvirtualacademycoursedescript/home

  • No Advanced Placement or College in the High School options.

  • A Chromebook is provided by the district. Internet access is needed for online learning.

  • Students work independently and sequentially through the assigned courses on their own schedule. Students are guided by both system- and teacher-generated feedback and grading.

  • This option will be managed by the CKSD district office.

  • A CKSD teacher will be assigned to each student for weekly and monthly check-ins.

  • High school students will be assigned a counselor to monitor progress to graduation.

  • Parent/guardian support is necessary for younger students and highly recommended for older students.

  • Limited special education services available.


  • Curriculum is based on Common Core State Standards.

  • Designed to be flexible, so that students can work at their own pace, and on-demand at the times of their choosing.

  • Though students may not have the chance to interact directly with other students while doing assignments, this option will offer “Content Cadres” of CKSD teachers who will be able to provide additional subject-specific support when needed with student groups who are in like curriculum. (For example, a math support group).

  • Offers access to middle level and high school athletics through attendance area school(s) (when they become available).

Additional Details – Structure, Expectations

  • Whether a student is in elementary, middle, or high school, Pearson Connexus is designed to keep students on track for meeting or exceeding Common Core State Standards.

  • A typical high school schedule includes six courses of core curriculum and electives to meet progress towards the 24-credit state graduation requirement.

  • Students who finish high school through this option will receive a CK Schools diploma.

  • Important note about NCAA acceptability for core coursework related to initial eligibility in collegiate sports Divisions I-III: At this time, the courses offered for grades 9-12 through this model have not been approved through the NCAA Eligibility Center to meet core requirements. Students are advised to choose traditional high school enrollments when making decisions related to athletic eligibility beyond high school.

  • This model does not provide social-emotional support counseling for elementary and middle school students.

K-8 CKSD Homeschool Learning Model

Spanish | Tagalog

Main features: (1) No live instruction; (2) Some guidance from CKSD teachers (monthly meetings); Full and ongoing parent/guardian support required

Our homeschool option is offered through our Parent Partnership Program (Barker Creek Community School) and creates a powerful union between home and school. At the beginning of the year, families will meet with a CKSD teacher and work together to create a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP). The plan includes the subjects you will teach at home and your child’s monthly goals. 

 By joining the Parent Partnership Program, you can check out textbooks and other materials. These are the same materials used in our other CK schools. Parents are responsible for their child’s daily lessons and skill development.


  • Serves students in grades K-8.

  • Offers all courses required by the state.

  • A parent/guardian is the primary teacher and provides individualized instruction to their children with guidance from a CKSD teacher.

  • Parents/guardians correct and evaluate the student’s work.

  • Families are required to make weekly contact with their CKSD teacher. The teacher will offer suggestions and support to help you provide the best possible education for your child.

  • A Chromebook will be provided by the district if desired. Internet access is not required, but is highly recommended, as there are many online opportunities available to students.


  • Access to textbooks and other materials. These are the same materials used in our other CK schools. Optional, supplemental online resources are available at each family’s discretion.

  • Enrichment classes may be possible based on community health conditions and if OSPI guidance changes.

  • Special education services are available through a student’s attendance area school.

  • Offers access to middle level and high school athletics through attendance area school(s) (when they become available).

  • District-level social/emotional support resources are available for students through CKSD websites.

Additional Details - Required Hours, Grading

  • Students are required to spend at least 27.75 hours a week in learning activities in grades 1-8 and 10 hours in kindergarten.

  • Most grades are issued as Pass/Fail for grades 6-8.

  • High school credits earned are applied to an official district transcript.