Superintendent's Update: April 22, 2020

Statewide School Closure Extension

On April 6, our governor announced that schools across the state would remain closed for the rest of the school year. This was heartbreaking news for all of us. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to watch the video we posted to social media that celebrates this current, crazy school year. Throughout this closure, we will continue providing meals, childcare and home-based learning opportunities. We know that our students and families are impacted by this situation in many different and difficult ways, and we are keeping this in mind. We will continue doing all we can to help our students and families through this time. Our staff is prioritizing their relationships with students, and they will help maintain connections with and between students.

Shifting to Home-Based Learning

We have moved to home-based learning for the remainder of the year. Together, we will do our best to provide our students with the relevant and meaningful learning experiences they deserve. Our schools are delivering new content in multiple ways so ALL students can access learning. This includes printed materials, phone calls, email, technology-based instruction, or a combination. We are also partnering with our families to support student learning.

Impact on Grades and Placement

Our goal is for students to continue their academic progress, but the work they do in the upcoming weeks will be measured differently. We are currently awaiting final guidance from OSPI on student learning and grading. Our main guiding principal will be, “Do no harm!”

Chromebook Distribution and Repairs

Our Department of Information Services (DIS) has been working hard to support the technology-related needs of students and staff. We have offered a series of troubleshooting tips for students and families, and we have developed a process for completing Chromebook repairs or replacements. I am so grateful for our DIS staff and their tireless efforts!

Special Education Support

We are committed to ensuring that students who receive special education services have equitable access to educational opportunities. Our special education teachers and related service providers have been reaching out to families whose children receive special education services about re-evaluation, IEP meetings and more.

Class of 2020 Plans

This is not the year our seniors imagined! We are working closely with the state to ensure seniors can complete classes, demonstrate their learning, and meet the requirements for graduation. We will ensure they have pathways to colleges, careers and the military. We are also looking at options to celebrate their accomplishments and rites of passage, even if we can’t do it in traditional ways. We’ll be working with our students, staff, families, and other schools across the state to share ideas and develop plans that are meaningful for our seniors and their families.

Let’s keep it up!

Health experts are saying that our social distancing is making a difference, so we are encouraging our staff, students, families and community to keep it up. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home!