Updated Jan. 12, 2021 

We recognize that you have many questions. We know how difficult uncertainty can be, especially as you try to plan for work and childcare this fall. We hear you and understand your very valid concerns. We also know how integral our plans are to our staff and students’ safety and our students’ learning. That’s why our planning teams are taking a careful and informed approach to deciding what this next school year will look like.

Please continue to engage with us and ask questions as we do our best to respond to this pandemic and to care for our staff, students and community. We will keep this page updated as we receive additional questions and answers. If you have more questions, please email us at

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What are the childcare options for school-aged students?

Although we cannot directly provide childcare, we know that we can take part in helping our working families find solutions. During the 2020-21 school year, we will have options with:

These providers operate independently from our district; they have a contract with our district to lease space in our schools. Military families also have the option of choosing Litehouse School-Age Care.

Why does the district appear to be “ok” with kids being around other kids at child care, but not at school?

We know that some of our families are in a situation where they must work and also find a way to ensure their children are appropriately cared for when they can’t be in school. In order to operate, child care facilities are offering smaller groups and taking the appropriate steps to meet the state’s health and safety guidelines.

How will kids in childcare be supported in learning?

We understand that the current health crisis has created hardships for parents who must work and find a way to support their child’s learning. Our goal is to provide adequate support, guidance and structure, while also allowing the flexibility needed to accommodate the situations our families are navigating. We will provide childcare providers with the same information we provide parents to support their children at home. We strongly encourage families to stay in regular contact with their childcare providers. 

Do I have to pay for childcare on remote days?

Financial assistance, fee subsidy for qualifying military families, DSHS, and other third party provider assistance is available to families who need assistance with additional childcare costs. Please visit our website for more information on childcare providers and locations:

Can families switch between any of the learning models?

We are asking families to remain in the model they choose for the entire year in order to provide for the best student experience. There may be situations that require us to move a student between models. We will address these situations on a case-by-case basis.

Will families lose their spots in programs (Magnet, Montessori, TEAM, Venture) if they choose all the online or homeschool options? What if they completely withdraw from the district to use K-12, etc. What will be the process for re-entering those programs?

We want families to have the flexibility they need during this time. We will hold students’ spots in these programs so that families who remain enrolled with our district will have the option to continue these programs next year. Families who withdraw from our district will need to reapply.

How will you meet the needs of students who need additional intensive learning supports?

We will continue to focus on supporting students and families with unique needs, including special education services, English language learners, students experiencing homelessness and others. We will provide those supports remotely if possible or in-person when that is the only effective delivery method.

Can my student take AP classes?

Yes. Students may take AP classes with our CK teachers in th remote + in-person model.

Are all three learning model options open to transfer families?

Yes. Families whose transfer requests have been accepted may choose any of our three learning model options on a space-available basis.

Academics: Remote + In Person Model

How will remote learning be different than it was last spring?

We’ve heard feedback from many families, students and staff, and that feedback has allowed us to make significant improvements to our remote learning. This year’s remote learning model is not the same model you experienced this spring. A district team has developed an improved, more robust remote learning experience that will have increased expectations for student participation, more consistency for delivery of content, and better feedback to students and families.

Will there be any live instruction?

In the remote + in person model, there will be a mix of recorded lessons, live interactions with staff members, and additional supplemental support activities. We will share recorded lessons in order to ensure students have access to these lessons to watch (and re-watch if needed) at a time that is convenient for them.

What will grading look like?

Teachers in grades K-3 will use standards-based grading. This includes feedback and grades through Google Classroom and Google Docs. Teachers in grades 4-12 will use grades A, B, C, or incomplete (I) and will provide feedback to students on a weekly basis. Assignments for grades 6-12 will be graded and entered into PowerSchool weekly.

High school students (and middle school students enrolled in credit bearing courses) who receive an incomplete will receive additional information in February about their opportunity to complete the course at a later date. Students will have until the spring of their senior year to resolve an incomplete. When a student completes the course, the incomplete will be converted to a “C”.

Does this negatively affect the start of AP classes in any way?

No. Our fully-remote learning model will not affect the start of AP classes. Students who wish to take AP classes will still have access to these classes.

How will you help 6th and 9th graders transition? Will there be WEB activities?

We’ll be conducting transition activities virtually to help build relationships while following health and safety guidelines.

What days wills students attend? Will siblings be on the same schedule?

When elementary students return for in-person instruction, they will do so on an AM/PM schedule. Students will have four half days of in-person instruction; they will be in remote learning on the other half of each and all day on Wednesdays.

We know this half day schedule is a change from the schedule we first expected. However, we believe the remote learning portion of the schedule will be more manageable (remote learning can be practice work given at the end of each in-person day), and this change will reduce the number of videos students need to watch. It also increases student contact time from two days to four days per week.

In most cases, students with the last names A-K will attend the AM session, and students with the last names L-Z will attend the PM session. However, this may vary slightly based on class size. We will do our best to address any hardships this may cause individual families on a case-by-case basis.

Academics: All-Online Model - "CKSD Virtual Academy"

Where can I see an online course list for Pearson Connexus?

How do I contact CKVA staff?

Please visit the CKVA website. You can also find a link to the school in the green "Select a School" list at the top of our website.

Academics: Homeschool Partnership

Will there be a limit on K-8 Homeschool enrollment at Barker Creek?

No. We will provide enough staffing at Barker Creek to ensure that all families who wish to enroll in our K-8 Homeschool program are able to do so.

Will sports be offered? (Updated)

Updated Jan. 12, 2021

The WIAA has adjusted their sports seasons for this school year!

Beginning now and ending on Feb. 8, 2021, student athletes may register for participation in Season 1 sports (traditional “Fall” sports). Season 1 offers high school opportunities in Football, Girls Soccer, Boys Tennis, Cross Country, and Girls Volleyball. A complete calendar for Seasons 2 and 3 are forthcoming from the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

Practices for Season 1 sports will begin on Feb. 1. Competitions for all sports except Football begin the week of Feb. 8. All seasons of sports under the WIAA are shorter this year, so please check back for information soon regarding Season 2 and 3 sports offered. The modified sports season calendar will be updated soon.

High school students must register online and have an up-to-date physical to participate. Check your profile in FinalForms to make sure you are registered for the right sport.

Middle school sports remain on hold for the time being.

What rules and safety measures will be in place for athletes participating in “Open Season” Athletics?

The district has put significant safeguards into play for our athletic programs.

All participants are following guidelines from the state Department of Health and Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA). Those guidelines include wearing face masks at all times during practices and competitions.

Please look at the documents we link to below to learn about the requirements:

Do students need to register for sports?

Yes. Please visit the Athletic Registration page for information and links about registering for high school sports.

Will sports fees be charged this year?

House Bill 1660 is currently being reviewed by the District for appropriate changes. Some families will be qualified for no fees for athletic programs, while others will need to pay. For now, we are registering athletes and will be able to provide more information at a later date.

How do I register my student athlete for athletics?

Go to your school’s website and click on the “Activities and Athletics” drop down menu. From there, you can navigate to the “Athletics Registration” tab.

You will be asked to provide required information into the FinalForms platform. Please choose the sports you wish to participate in.

Do student athletes need to have completed physical to participate in the Open Season dates for athletics at the high schools?

Yes. Having a valid physical is a requirement for all participants.

How could the levels of rates of infection in the region affect offerings?

The WIAA has established guidance for all sports, categorized as low, moderate, and high-risk categories. For complete review please see WIAA's Return to Play Guidelines.

Who can I contact for more information about athletics?

Please send your questions to your school’s Athletic Director, or to the District Athletic Director regarding any other questions or plans for middle school sport:s


How do students get technology help?

You can find links to help you troubleshoot common problems on our Remote Learning Resources page. You'll also find a link to request a repair when troubleshooting doesn't work. 

You can find a "Resources" link at the top of all school sites, or go straight to

What if I don't have access to technology or internet?

We recognize that some students have limited access to technology. For families who do not have a device in their home, we will provide a district Chromebook for K-12 students.

We are contacting each family who identified that they do not have internet access at home. We are working with these families individually to help provide internet access. If you need help, please call 360-662-1085.

Our elementary teachers will develop packets that align with the curriculum available on Google Classrooms, and will make them available to families every week, in addition to supplemental materials. We will work with secondary students to address this need on a case-by-case basis.

Will elementary students get computers to take home?

Yes. We will check out Chromebooks to students who need them. Visit for a link to a request form for a Chromebook. 

How will Chromebooks be distributed?

If your student needs a Chromebook, please request one. You can find a link to request a Chromebook at

After filling out the form, our technology staff will make an appointment at a drive-through pickup site. 

Are playgrounds open?

As a school district, we have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to doing our part to flatten the curve and comply with the recommendations of public health authorities. Therefore, we our school playgrounds are closed.

Are fields and other outdoor facilities open?

Outdoor facilities are available for student and community use. For facility rental information, visit

Will staff have access to their building every day in order to meet the needs of students?

As long as it is safe to do so, staff will have access to their classrooms.  Staff will be expected to follow DOH as well as CKSD requirements for safety.

Are you providing meals?

Yes. We are offering free meals through Aug. 20 to all children age 18 and under. We will also provide free meals to students up to age 21 who receive education services. Meals are available for pickups two days a week with meals for multiple days in each package.

Please visit for more details on pickup locations and times.

When school resumes in September, we will continue providing school meals to the families who rely on them.

How will you communicate information to families?

The Community Relations Office takes the lead on communications using a variety of channels including emails, district and school websites, and social media. If you do not already receive our district emails, sign up now. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

If you have not been receiving emails from your school or from the district's ENewsCKSD account, please email us at