No Changes to School Start/End Times
School Start & End Time Team Final Report
Posted on 01/09/2020

The School Start & End Times Team's final report was presented during last night's school board meeting. Thousands of families, students, staff and community members shared their thoughts and preferences throughout this process. Thank you for taking the time to engage with us.

The team noted the benefits of later start times supported by research. (This research recommends that middle and high schools start no earlier than 8:30 a.m.) However, it also recognized that these benefits are currently outweighed by unintended negative consequences described through surveys, emails, online comments and board meeting remarks. We are listening!

With this in mind, the team agreed on a two-part recommendation:

  • Do not make any changes to current start/end times.
    Allowing our secondary schools to start before elementary schools works best for our community.

  • Consider future opportunities to move Fairview and Ridgetop middle schools to a later start time.
    This would respond to concerns regarding the start time of our earliest schools while preserving our current elementary schedules.

The superintendent and school board agreed with the recommendation.

The team completed its charge to study changes to our start/end times that would not result in extra costs to the district. The team emphasized that additional resources in the future (more buses and drivers) could give us more options for schedules. Thank you to the members of this team for their hard work!

The team’s full report outlines its process, findings, recommendation and further considerations.