Surprise! Teacher Wins State Award
Surprise! Teacher Wins State Award
Posted on 09/18/2019
kim witte

Tuesday’s assembly at Esquire Hills started as a regular Constitution Day celebration.

But a surprise was in store for second-grade teacher Kim Witte.

The school had kept it a secret from everyone.

Terry Bryan, state vice commander for American Legion, stood in front of the assembly and told students and staff that one of their teachers was named the state’s K-5 American Legion Educator of the Year.

The teacher does not know yet so we have to try to be careful and keep it a secret,” Bryan said. “But I bet you when I start reading this, you will know who she is. And so will the teacher.

Sure enough, midway through, Witte’s students were looking at her. Her colleagues were whispering her name. The award recognizes teachers for professional development, letters of recognition, strong family values and community service, such as Witte’s annual trips to bring school supplies to Malawi, Africa.  

Bryan read from the nominations, “She was everything a parent would want for their child’s teacher … (my son) and the rest of his classmates were welcomed, encouraged and supported from the minute the bell rang.”

Then she asked Kim Witte to join her in front of the assembly.

“You have an outstanding educator here.” said Robert Clark, state commander of American Legion. “We want to award this educator and let her know that … everybody appreciates her. The educators in this room are building the foundation for your future.”


Witte took the microphone and addressed the students.


“Esquire Hills, this was a HUGE surprise for me. What I want you to do though right now, is I want you to look at your teacher that you have this year, and I want you to clap for them because they too are a great teacher!”


Students wiggled and applauded. As they were dismissed, Witte’s students surrounded and hugged her.