Superintendent's Update: August 14, 2019

Purpose of Superintendent’s Updates

I will be providing a superintendent’s update during each regular school board meeting. These updates are intended to provide information about upcoming issues or events. I will also summarize my key work and share things I see and learn as I spend time in our schools and our community. All updates will be posted to the district website under Administration > Superintendent so they will be easy for families, staff and community members to access.

Transition Period and First Day

I was honored to join CK Schools as the new superintendent, and I am grateful for the extended transition process. My time in the district this spring gave me the chance to meet many staff members. On July 1—my first “official” day on the job—I met even more, as I spent time with the hardworking and dedicated employees at Grounds-Maintenance-Custodial, Transportation, and Warehouse. It was probably the best first day ever!

Listening Tour

Over the past two months, I’ve been meeting with internal and external stakeholders to listen and learn. During these conversations, I ask four central questions:
  • What are the primary strengths of CK Schools?
  • In what areas can CK Schools improve?
  • As you think about our school district, which three values are most important to you?
  • In what ways can I best support you?
To date, I have hosted or attended more than 50 meetings with stakeholders.

District Shared Decision Team

I am impressed by the collaborative spirit of the shared decision making process and the energy around ensuring student and staff success across the district. I am a strong proponent of shared decision-making and look forward to engaging in this process over the months ahead.

Administrator Training

Earlier this month, we held a week-long series of meetings and training sessions with our administrators. The presentations centered on the main themes of building team, affirming our vision and priorities, and our commitment to building capacity. On August 26, we will host a districtwide kickoff event to celebrate the start of the new school year. This event will be focused on students (and will include student participation) and on recognizing success, as well as reinforcing our vision and priorities.