Talking About the Democratic Process
Election Offers Teachable Moments
Posted on 11/16/2016

Dear CK Schools Families, 

Over the past week, there has been much attention on the results of the presidential election. Many of our students and staff members are still processing the outcome.

Educators view these discussions as “teachable moments.” They are a chance to talk with students about the democratic process; about how we can resolve differences and conflicts; and about how we can address diverse and sometimes conflicting ideology.

We’ve heard from some parents who are concerned about the atmosphere in which these conversations are occurring. In response, let us assure you that student safety is our top priority. Our schools must be places where everyone is valued and no one is physically or emotionally harmed. Harassment, intimidation or bullying will not be tolerated. Not ever.

Education can help us understand our nation’s past. It can also help us face the issues of today, including those that divide us. Our classrooms are places where hopes, fears and differences can be raised, and where students can work together to find common ground. Outside our classrooms we expect our students to maintain that same level of dignity and respect.

We want to partner with you, the families of our students, in these efforts. This resource may be helpful as you talk with your child:

This is a time of change in our nation, and we are committed to moving forward with compassion and empathy for our students and their families. If you’d like additional support, please contact your school’s counselor or principal.


David McVicker, Superintendent

Bruce Richards, School Board President

Jeanie Schulze, School Board Vice President

Eric Greene, Board Member (Area 5)

Rob MacDermid Board Member (Area 2)

Scott Woehrman, Board Member (Area 3)

(Please note: The resources we shared Wednesday were meant to help guide discussions in our schools and our community. One of those links outlined the importance of creating a safe school climate and provides advice for helping students listen, express opinions and debate with respect.

However, some of the individual articles express more polarizing views that do not represent our district or school community. We regret that any of those articles offended our community, and we have removed that resource from our website.)