High School Schedule Changes
High School Schedule Change Update
Posted on 06/07/2018
High School Schedule Change Update

Central Kitsap schools may change high school class schedules with the goal to increase access and opportunities for students. For the past year, district leaders and researchers polled students and families and worked with an advisory group on potential options.

This Wednesday, board members agreed to move forward with a study of the modified 7-period schedule.

Why the change?

Currently, most high school students take six hour-long classes a day. If they pass all their classes, they can earn 24 credits in four years.

The current schedule leaves little room for exploring electives and no room for failure. Students in CK’s class of 2021 must earn at least 24 credits to meet state graduation requirements.

What is a modified 7-period schedule?

A modified 7-period schedule allows for a maximum of 28 credits. It combines rotating block days and days where students attend all classes.

This schedule addresses many of the concerns we heard from parents and staff, including:

  • More credit-earning opportunities than the current schedule
  • Combines long and short class periods, allowing for in-depth work
  • Tutorial time can be built into the schedule to ease homework load

What’s next?

The advisory group will form teams to examine implementation at our schools. They will start work exploring the structure of the bell schedule for high schools and will make a recommendation in November 2018.  At the earliest, the new schedule would be implemented in the 2019-20 school year.

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