Earthquake Drill
What Would We Do After an Earthquake?
Posted on 10/16/2018
Get Ready to Shake Out Oct. 18

On Thursday, our schools will participate in the worldwide Great ShakeOut Drill. Drills like these help us practice our reactions, evaluate our emergency plans and improve how we respond. And we want to help you prepare too.

Drop, cover and hold on in an earthquakeIf an earthquake strikes, everyone will work to keep our students safe. Here’s what you can expect from our schools:

  • Immediate Action: We drop, cover and hold on while the earth shakes. When shaking stops, schools evacuate to a safe location. Teachers take attendance so we can account for all students.

  • Emergency Response: A trained team of school and district staff will provide first aid, work with emergency responders, look for students, if needed, and assess and secure the safety of the building.

  • Communication: We will try to contact you in as many ways as possible, as soon as we are able. That includes through phone calls, media and, if possible, on school websites and social media.

  • Reunification: Please understand that it may take time to safely reunite you with your child. We’ll release students through a family reunification team or through the normal release process. Please note that reunification may not happen at the school, so we’ll ask you to please wait until you hear from us. Waiting will also help us keep roads and entrances to our schools clear for emergency responders.

We welcome your questions about how we will keep your child safe. Please talk with your school principal or visit your school website. Go to Info > Safety Procedures to learn more.

Tips for Families

Talk with your children about what would happen in a real emergency. Make sure your child knows who will be allowed to pick them up following a disaster. You can further prepare your family by: