Career and College Ready

High School Schedule Change Update: What's Happening Now

On December 13, our high schools will be sharing a presentation with their staffs on three proposed schedules.

High School Schedule Change Background 

In spring 2018 a team of parents and staff recommended that our high schools change to a 7-period modified schedule. This change was meant to help provide more options for students and meet the state’s new graduation requirements. Our school board agreed to explore a 7-period day. However, further budget review showed that we do not have sustainable funding for a 7-period schedule.

Since then, we have been looking at other ways (including the three proposed schedules presented on December 13) to increase support for students and ensure they graduate ready for college, a career or the military. To help with this work, the school board provided some additional direction:

  • By 2020-21, our high school schedule will have more than 24 credits available. Most days will have fewer than six periods.
  • We will increase opportunities for students to obtain credits through things like online classes, competency test and other options for the 2019-20 school year.
  • The cost of the new schedule cannot exceed $1,000,000 per year.

This direction honors the work of the Career and College Ready (CCR) team and its original guidance for a new schedule.

The board will make a decision by the end of March.