Career and College Ready

Exploring Schedule Changes

In order to meet our strategic plan goal to increase access and opportunities for our students, we are exploring how changing secondary schedules could give our students more opportunities to succeed. This includes the flexibility to explore interest areas or credit recovery as part of the new Career and College Ready graduation requirements.

In 2016, we began visiting other school districts that have made changes to their school schedules and reviewing research on outcomes. We’ve engaged in conversations with parents, students and staff and have shared the results of that research in the recent Career and College Ready Community forums.

Currently we are gathering community feedback and will make a recommendation to our school board on May 23, 2018. Once the board makes its decision, we will begin implementation and the new school schedules could be in place for the 2019-2020 school year.

Two schedule options seem to offer the most potential for meeting our student needs:

8 Periods Per Semester Block Schedule

Max. 32 credits

Opportunities for in-depth projects, discussion, labs, or classwork following a lecture; fewer subjects of nightly homework; maximum credit-earning opportunities. Less desirable for subjects that require frequent lessons (language, math).

Modified 7-Period Semester

Max. 28 credits

Subjects that require frequent lessons meet three to four times a week. More credit-earning opportunities than current schedule. Less desirable for shorter class periods that prevent in-depth projects during class.

To learn more about our research and the schedule options we are considering, follow the links below.

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