Middle School

Fairview Middle School students in front of lockers
Our middle schools welcome students in grades 6 through 8. We have three middle schools: Central Kitsap
Fairview and Ridgetop. We also have one secondary school, Klahowya, for grades 6 to 12.

Students in middle school have multiple classes for the first time, but it’s not quite like high school yet. Students will see many of the same peers in their classes. A core team of teachers will work with your child throughout the school year.

And because middle school is a critical time of change for many students, we offer extra support.​

Before the School Year Begins

Infographic describing what middle school is like.

We start by asking friendly students in upper grades to contact their incoming schoolmates. They’ll give them tips throughout that first year.

Spring and summer programs let you and your child ask questions and explore your new school. At orientation, you’ll learn what classes they’ll take and where they are. You’ll learn how to conference with more teachers, track your child’s progress online and stay involved in school.​

Extra Support in the First Days

A supportive start in the first few days of middle school helps students get comfortable before we dive into lessons. We make sure they know how to find the bathrooms and the cafeteria. We help them understand what behaviors and study habits will make them successful.​

Support Throughout the Year

We organize our schools to increase your child’s success. All year long, we’ll offer study help and counseling services if they stumble or need more challenges. Our middle schools also feature:

  • Periods of 6.5 increments, allowing students to use six full periods for required classes and electives and a half period for study help or activities
  • Teachers who team up by grade level to talk about students they have in common and how to help them
  • Strong academic programs that asks students to meet high standards. We teach them skills and strategies to succeed
  • Year-round sports and activities, to help them better connect with school and develop discipline and teamwork skills
  • Clear expectations using a structured program that teaches students to be safe, responsible and respectful, and offers rewards for students who meet those expectations
  • Quality mentoring programs
  • Support groups

 This help spans each grade and into high school.

More Information

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  •  Find out about our programs  and services.

  • Visit the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction's Your Child's Progress guide to see a grade-by-grade guide to what students learn and what skills they're expected to gain.