Online Learning Self-Assessment

CK Online Academy Self-Assessment Inventory

Answer the questions below and score your answers.  Your scores are justan indicator as to whether you are a good candidate for online learning. This assessment will not tell you how successful you will be in online courses. Please print your completed assessment and bring it with you when you registerfor CK Online Academy.

PERSONAL ATTITUDE      Never = 1      Sometimes = 3     Always = 5

1     3     5     I am self-motivating and do my schoolwork without being told twice.
1     3     5     I stay on task when doing school work.
1     3     5     I schedule my time well at school.
1     3     5     I schedule my time well outside of school.
1     3     5     I stay on task while doing work on the Internet.
1     3     5     I follow through on requests from my teachers.
1     3     5     I answer e-mail in a timely manner.
1     3     5     I turn in my assignments on time.
1     3     5     I ask teachers for help when I need it.
1     3     5     I am willing to put in extra time for a challenging class.

Attitudes cannot be learned or changed easily, so a number of low scores should be of concern for a potential virtual student, If you scored less than 40 points, then an online course may not be right for you.  If you scored less than 25 points, you should NOT take an online course.


Yes     No     1.  I have a computer at home.
Yes     No     2.  I have access to the Internet at home.
Yes     No     3.  I know how to login to my home Internet provider.
Yes     No     4.  My home computer has a word processing program like Word, WordPerfect, or Works.
Yes     No     5.  I know how to use a work processing program.
Yes     No     6.  I know how to use e-mail
Yes     No     7.  I know how to do Internet research.
Yes     No     8.  I know how to copy and paste text.
Yes     No     9.  I know how to download a file from a Web page.
Yes     No     10. I know how to attach and send a file through e-mail.

If you answered NO to the first two questions and you do not have access to a computer with an Internet connection at another location, then CK Online Academy is not an option.  You will need a computer with Internet access in order to complete the online courses.  If you answered NO to more than two of the items from 2 through 10, you should try to improve your technology skills before beginning an online course.

If you scored well on this assessment, please print this assessment and complete the interest form on the home page