Highly Capable Referrals & Screening

Referral for highly capable services may begin as early as fall of kindergarten. You, your child, your child’s teacher and others can refer your child for review for highly capable services. Talk to your school’s learning specialist, highly capable building coordinator or counselor. Referrals may include data from tests, classroom performance and observations.

Has your child received gifted or highly capable services at a previous school district? We look at the education records of all new students, including those from military-connected families. These records can include unofficial or “hand-carried” records. If we can’t determine eligibility based on this information, we will test within two weeks or grant temporary eligibility at your child’s home school and screen your child in the next screening window. 

We base placement on available data and information from families. Please contact Student Services at 360-662-1677. Or, visit Student Services at the Teaching and Learning Center at Barker Creek, 1400 McWilliams Rd, Bremerton, WA 98311.

Initial Screening

Screening for highly capable services begins as early as fall for kindergartners. All kindergarteners will take the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) as a universal screener. We create enrichment clusters from information gathered through this screener, classroom performance, and teacher input.

We screen all 1st grader students with the CogAT. This helps our district determine eligibility/placement in the highly capable program. Parent/guardian of 1st graders may opt their student out of highly capable screening by signing an Opt-Out form before testing begins.

We look at STAR Testing data and state test results in grades 2-8. These tests help us find a pool of students that we would like to review for highly capable services. We will ask you to give us written permission to evaluate your child. We will also ask you to complete a rating scale form. 

With your permission, we screen referred students from grades 9-12. We use the most current achievement data from the district or state and information from your child’s teacher.

Criteria for Screening

To be screened for highly capable services, your child must at least:
  • Score 94 percent or above on achievement data (with consideration for margin of error) 
  • Have a teacher complete a consultation form, as needed or
  • Have been previously identified for highly capable services

If your child meets one or more of these criteria, we will also ask your teacher to fill out a teacher rating scale. If your child hasn’t already done so, we will also ask your child to take an aptitude test. We will gather other testing data, including results from state tests. Learn more about our eligibility requirements.

Screening Times

We screen students three times a year. 

August screenings are for all new students who participated in highly capable or gifted programs. Please note:

  • Referrals are due two weeks before school starts.
  • Eligibility results are available by the first day of school.
  • Appeals are due by mid-September.

September screenings are for all new students who participated in highly capable or gifted program and missed the August opportunity. Please note:

  • Referrals are due mid-September.
  • Eligibility results are available by mid-October.
  • Appeals are due by the end of November.

February screenings are for any students referred for highly capable evaluations. Please note:

  • Referrals are due two weeks before testing 
  • Eligibility results for grades 1–11 are available mid April for the NEXT school year.
  • Appeals are due 10 days after you're notified of initial decisions