Highly Capable Program Options

We offer a range of services if your child is identified as highly capable. When we screen your child, we identify your child’s strengths. We will also decide the best placement. In most cases, we can offer challenges for your child at your home school. All our schools have highly capable coordinators who help teachers in general education classrooms.

Talk with your child’s teacher to find out more about what your child is learning. We also welcome you to call our Student Services office at 360-662-1677.

Elementary Students

In a general education classroom, a highly capable coordinator will work with your child’s teacher. They work together on services to challenge your child. Those services may include:

  • Lessons or materials that go beyond what your child already knows
  • Special projects
  • Clustering highly capable students together
  • Studying some subjects at higher grade levels

A small number of highly capable students have significantly different learning needs. They may thrive in full-time, self-contained classrooms. They learn with similar peers using a rigorous academic curriculum. We have self-contained classrooms for second through fifth grade at Emerald Heights Elementary. This program is called Venture.

Middle and High School Students

We encourage students to sign up for courses that challenge their strengths. If your child has strong math skills, we will likely accelerate them one or two grade levels in math. We also offer honors, pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement courses.

Middle School Magnet Students

For sixth, seventh and eighth graders who qualify, we also offer a Magnet program. Students in the program attend Central Kitsap Middle School. The program includes rigorous studies in language arts, social studies and science. 

School-specific Highly Capable Mentors

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High and Secondary Schools

District Highly Capable Specialist

Janice Jacobson, 360-662-1730

District Highly Capable Support Secretary

Kim Burchett, 360-662-1734