Website Editing

Use these tip sheets in coordination with training to help you with some of the most common website tasks. These tip sheets are a combination of guides created by Community Relations and excerpts from manuals created by SharpSchool/SchoolMessenger.

Everyone can update their own profiles and teacher pages, however, your school website manager must give you permission to edit other pages on our websites. Check with your office manager or principal to find out who manages your school website.


Our website vendor, SchoolMessenger offers phone and chat help. Access chat help by logging in and clicking on the question mark in the black toolbar at the top of your page. Or, call 1-800-920-3897. 

Staff Directory Profiles

Want to update your photo, change your title or add a link to your school-approved classroom or team website? Follow these instructions:

Style and Web Design Guides

Please follow these guidelines when adding content to or otherwise updating your website:

  • Web Design Guide: Contains the pieces of your site, info on how school sites are organized, photo guidelines, etc.
  • Writing Guide: Tips for crafting content that helps your readers and keeps them coming back to your site. 
  • Style Guide: We primarily use Associated Press (AP) style for word and grammar choices. 

Teacher Pages

Teacher pages can use most of the same tools used throughout our school websites. Visit the Example Teacher pages to see what some of those tools can do. If you're interested in creating a teacher page, there will be an optional workshop during the Oct. 10, 2016 Professional Learning Day. Or, if you can't make that, please email Angela Dice to talk about other options.

Tip Sheets and Manuals for Site Editors

System introduction

Staff Individual Profiles

Page and Section Editing 



Photo Galleries

Users and Staff Directory

Each school's site managers update their directories. The following guide is for site administrators to add or remove users from a school's directory group.

Each staff member can update their own photos, titles and welcome messages. Encourage them to do so by sharing this tip sheet on updating their profiles. Although not recommended, website editors can also do this for staff. Here's a tip sheet for admins for editing other people's profiles.

Homepage Special Features

More Help

If you would like additional tip sheets or guides, please contact Community Relations. You can also get help by signing up for SharpSchool's CustomerNet, where you can get 24-hour phone or chat customer support.