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Block schedules? Trimesters?
Posted on 01/26/2018
See what options may help students meet new graduation requirements.

Central Kitsap schools may change high school class schedules for the 2019-20 school year. Schools could possibly move to block schedules or trimesters.

The school board will review these potential changes in March as it considers to increase access and opportunities for students as new graduation requirements go into effect.

Why the Change?

Currently, most high school students take six hour-long classes a day. If they pass all their classes, they can earn 24 credits in four years.

The current schedule system leaves little room for exploring electives in depth and no room for failure. Students in CK’s class of 2021, must earn at least 24 credits to meet state graduation requirements.

What’s Being Considered?

For the past year, district leaders and researchers polled students and families and worked with an advisory group on potential options.

They’ve identified two models for further consideration: a 4x2 block schedule or a 3x5 trimester system.

Many details will be worked out over coming year.

Generally, students in a block schedule would take four, 90-minute classes per day on an alternating schedule. That would mean eight classes per semester and the ability to earn 32 credits through four years of high school.

In a trimester system, students would take five, 72-minute classes a day. That would mean the ability to earn 30 credits through four years of high school.

What’s Next?

District leaders recently hosted community forums. They will also will look at more opportunities to hear from families and students before making a recommendation in March.

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