Safety Training
New Student Safety Drills Planned
Posted on 12/06/2017

Your child’s safety is our highest priority. That’s why students will have new kinds of drills starting this winter. Students will receive age-appropriate training on what to do if an intruder enters a school. A winter drill will focus on barricading.

Although intruder threats in our schools are unlikely, we’ve been preparing. For the past year, our staff have trained with a method called ALICE. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. Law enforcement recommends using ALICE-style strategies to stay as safe as possible until help arrives.

Students will never be expected or trained to approach an intruder.

You can ask questions and learn more about our planned drills at an upcoming meeting:

  • 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 20

  • 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 4

Both meetings will be in the Jenne Wright Administration Center boardroom, 9210 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale.

You can also learn more about the training on the ALICE Training Institute website or by watching the video below. We will also email a letter to all student families with information about ALICE training.

Video: Why Alice?